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Access high-quality healthcare online with Wheel. Talk to a doctor or nurse practitioner and get treated for a variety of care conditions at your convenience. We’ll match you with one of our US-licensed healthcare providers, who will review your information and build a personalized treatment plan.
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Get treatments tailored just for you and your health concerns
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Access professional medical help from home within minutes
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Trust the care you receive from our team of quality healthcare clinicians
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An Experienced, Dedicated Medical Team

Our nationwide network of board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners are specially trained to provide the care you need, when you need it. Our clinical team has years of experience in primary care, family medicine, and internal medicine and are committed to the highest-quality patient experience.

About Wheel

Can Wheel providers write prescriptions?
Yes. Wheel doctors and nurse practitioners can write medically necessary prescriptions. Clinicians send the prescriptions to your preferred pharmacy.
Who are the Wheel healthcare providers?
Our healthcare providers include US-based physicians and nurse practitioners with years of experience in primary care, family medicine, and internal medicine. Our clinicians are specially trained in virtual care and regularly monitored for quality of care and patient satisfaction.
How does Wheel protect my information?
Wheel is committed to protecting your privacy. We safeguard your medical information based on the privacy and security standards under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) and will only use or disclose your information as permitted under HIPAA.

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