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Hello Alpha is the first dedicated virtual primary care clinic for women. All of our licensed, board-certified providers are specially trained in women’s health. Your provider is a partner in your care, and will work with you on a personalized treatment plan.
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Our clinicians are all licensed and board certified within the U.S.
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Our providers understand the medical needs unique to women

Meet our medical team

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Ed Henson, NP

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
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Fawn Townsend, NP

American Nurses Credentialing Center
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Hina Quasim, MD

Associate Medical Director
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Chelsea Eide, NP

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
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Meet Dr. Jacobson,
Chief Medical Officer

As a physician, surgeon, and educator, I'm familiar with the biases women face in healthcare. Women's health is treated like an afterthought: only 9% of medical schools in the U.S. offer courses in it. At Hello Alpha, we're closing the gaps in healthcare by training all our providers in women’s health, listening to our patients’ concerns, and personalizing treatment plans.
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Join thousands of happy patients, across the U.S.

“I absolutely love the service and attention that Alpha provides me. Alpha is a game changer for busy women in need of medical services.” —Amber N.

“This is so great for women! Thanks for creating this safe space where women can get care without judgment.” —Mel

“My PA has been so consistent and thorough… She's been extremely patient and understanding.” —Denique S.


Who is reviewing my health information?
All providers with Hello Alpha are licensed and board certified in the U.S. They have experience in primary care, family medicine, and internal medicine. In addition, we train all our providers in women’s health so that patients receive personalized, effective treatment plans.
Does Hello Alpha prescribe medication?
Yes, our providers prescribe medication that is in line with our evidence-based clinical guidelines and is appropriate for a patient’s health condition.
Does Hello Alpha treat men?
Yes, providers at Hello Alpha treat men and individuals assigned male at birth for most conditions.

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