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Asthma medication - Online visit for prescription renewal

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This may be right for you if

Ages 18-64
You’ve been diagnosed with asthma
Your prescription for asthma medication has expired or you’re out of refills
You’ve taken your asthma medication within the past 12 months
Your asthma symptoms have been well-controlled for the past 4 weeks*
You're not experiencing an asthma attack**
*See our FAQ section for the clinical definition of well-controlled asthma.

**If you’re experiencing severe symptoms like shortness of breath, please call 911 or go to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Common types of asthma medication

Oral inhalation asthma medications can be delivered by metered dose inhaler (MDI), which uses HFA to propel medication into the lungs, or by dry powder inhaler (DPI), which is breath-actuated. Some asthma drugs can also be prescribed in vial form as nebulizer solution.
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Short-acting beta agonists (SABAs)
• Albuterol sulfate (Ventolin, Proventil)
• Levalbuterol (Xopenex)
Icon of asthma inhaler
ICS-LABA combination inhalers
• Budesonide-formoterol (Symbicort)
• Fluticasone-salmeterol (Airduo, Advair)
• Mometasone-formoterol (Dulera)
Icon of asthma inhaler
Anticholinergic agents
• Short-acting muscarinic antagonists (SAMAs) like ipratropium bromide (Atrovent)
• Long-acting muscarinic antagonists (LAMAs) like tiotropium bromide (Spiriva)
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Leukotriene inhibitors
• Montelukast (Singulair)
Icon of asthma inhaler
Inhaled corticosteroids (ICSs)
• Fluticasone propionate (Flovent)
• Budesonide (Pulmicort)
• Mometasone (Asmanex)
Icon of asthma inhaler
Long-acting beta agonists (LABAs)
• Salmeterol (Serevent)
• Formoterol (Foradil, Oxeze Turbuhaler)
Your clinician will determine which (if any) asthma treatment is medically appropriate for you based on your symptoms and health history. If you're prescribed medication, pick it up at a pharmacy of your choice. Choose Amazon Pharmacy for free delivery and transparent Prime pricing.
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How it works

Treatment for ages 18-64
Answer some questions
We'll ask some questions about your symptoms, health history, and what you're looking for.
Connect with a clinician
Choose from multiple online providers and between video or message-only (if available in your state).
Get a treatment plan and medication, if prescribed
Your clinician will determine what's medically appropriate for you and send any prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choice.
Follow up for 14 days
You'll have unlimited messaging with your clinician for 14 days after you receive your treatment plan. Ask questions about your treatment, or change or adjust your medication.
Multiple online clinics to choose from
Amazon Clinic partners with online clinics to deliver treatment. All partners have U.S.-licensed clinicians and adhere to strict regulatory standards.
Compare prices, response times, and available treatments to pick the online clinic that works best for you.
Frequently asked questions
How do you define well-controlled asthma?
Asthma experts define well-controlled asthma by the following criteria:
• Your asthma symptoms require a rescue inhaler (quick-reliever medication like albuterol) no more than 2 days/week

• Your asthma doesn't wake you up more than 2 nights/month

• Your lung function (as measured by peak expiratory flow or spirometry) is normal or within 20% of your best PEF or FEV1)

• In the past 12 months, you haven't had more than one asthma exacerbation where you needed oral glucocorticoids and/or urgent medical care

• You're able to do all your normal activities
Note: If you don't meet these criteria or you've needed to take oral steroids or receive urgent medical care within the past 4 weeks, you won't be able to get a new prescription for your asthma medication through Amazon Clinic at this time.
What are the different types of asthma?
There are 4 main types of asthma:
• Intermittent
• Mild persistent
• Moderate persistent
• Severe persistent
Your type of asthma will determine what medication you're prescribed. But these 4 asthma diagnoses aren't set in stone. When managing asthma, healthcare providers frequently reassess their patients' symptoms, stepping up or down medication doses as appropriate. Although asthma is chronic, it's also dynamic, and it's not unusual for someone's type of diagnosis to change.
Are people with asthma more likely to experience other autoimmune disorders?
Asthma, eczema (atopic dermatitis), and allergic rhinitis are all atopic diseases, meaning they're caused by an exaggerated and inappropriate immune response to a perceived threat. Essentially, your body's immune system recognizes a harmless substance (an antigen) as an enemy and launches a counterattack, leading to inflammation.
Asthma: bronchoconstriction caused by hyperresponsive airways

Eczema: skin inflammation caused by dysregulation of the skin's barrier function

Allergic rhinitis (AR): nasal inflammation caused by sensitization to aeroallergens
These 3 conditions are often linked across the lifespan, with childhood eczema sometimes leading to allergic rhinitis and asthma in a process called the atopic march.
• Up to 80% of children with asthma are later diagnosed with asthma and/or allergic rhinitis

• Up to 40% of people with allergic rhinitis also have asthma

• Up to 50% of people with asthma also have allergic rhinitis
There's no clear consensus on what causes these atopic diseases, though experts know that our environment is at least partially responsible. Factors like diet, hygiene, infections, and air pollution have all been implicated in the atopic triad.
What's the difference between a renewal and a refill?
When you run out of your medication, you refill it through a pharmacy. When you run out of refills, a licensed clinician has to renew your prescription.

You can request a remote prescription renewal through Amazon Clinic. Your clinician will send any new prescriptions to a U.S. pharmacy of your choice. You pay for the medication when you pick it up or have it delivered.
What's the prescription renewal policy at Amazon Clinic?
Depending on the online clinic, a prescription renewal may be for a 30- or 90-day supply of medication. A prescription may also include one or more refills.

Clinicians consider many factors when determining if a prescription is medically appropriate. For example, they may want to know how long it's been since you've:
• Taken your medication

• Seen your primary care physician (PCP)

• Had appropriate lab testing

• Had your last prescription renewal through Amazon Clinic*
*Prescription renewals may be limited to one or two within a 12-month period.
What types of visit can I have?
Video visits are available in all 50 states and D.C. Message-only visits are available in 34 states. To see your visit options, first choose your state.
Can I use my health insurance to pay for a visit and/or medication?
Amazon Clinic doesn't accept health insurance for visits at this time. You can submit a claim to your insurance provider for reimbursement, but we can’t guarantee they’ll reimburse you.

If you normally use insurance to pay for your medications, you can do that with medications prescribed through Amazon Clinic. Amazon Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans. For other pharmacies, please talk with your pharmacy directly about insurance coverage. The cost of medication isn’t included in the cost of your visit.
How does Amazon Clinic protect my health information?
Amazon Clinic protects your health information by strictly following the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA governs what Amazon Clinic and your healthcare providers can do with your medical information, as well as your contact and payment information. Amazon Clinic doesn’t and will never sell your personal information. Learn more on our privacy page.
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